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Web-based: Spirometry Training for Physicians

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Instruction/Training for Physicians

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  Evaluation of individuals
  Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Disease
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Web-based spirometry technician training software - http://www.hankconsulting.com

Consultation/Services - http://www.mctowsend.com

  NIOSH-Approved Spirometry and NIOSH-Approved Spirometry

  Refresher Courses

  Corporate Policies and Procedures Reviews

  Optimal Spirometer Set-up and Use Consultations

  Spirogram QA Reviews

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Spirometry Training for Physicians  Spirometry Training for Technicians
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How do reference values compare?  Check-out our reference calculator and compare Hankinson (NHANES III) to Knudson.  Also, try our practice or sample tests site (http://samples.occspiro.com) and our commom problems page (http://Occspiro.com/CommonProblems.php).

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