Services Provided by Bill Eschenbacher, M.D.


Instruction for physicians or other health care personnel in the Interpretation of Spirometry and Other Pulmonary Function Tests including bronchoprovocation tests and cardiopulmonary exercise tests. 

This Instruction/Training can be provided through the Internet in association with the teaching material provided by the Spirometry Training for Physicians on the Occupational Spirometry Web-Site.  In addition, I am available for on-site teaching at your location. 

Consultations for the following:

  A. Evaluation of individuals with abnormal spirometry or other lung function tests

  B. Diagnosis and Management of Pulmonary Disease
        1. Occupational
        2. Non-occupational

I am available for Internet or e-mail based consultations.  I would assess the lung function test results, any clinical information available and provide assistance in recommending other diagnostic testing as well as assisting in establishing diagnosis and clinical management for the individual.