Sample Spirometry Tests

The following are sample exercises where you can practice the process of determining a valid test. 

A valid test requires all of the following:

1. At least three acceptable maneuvers

2. A repeatable FVC, where the largest FVC and second largest FVC within 150 milliliters (0.15 liters)

3. A repeatable FEV1, where the largest FEV1 and second largest FEV1 are within 150 milliliters (0.15 liters)

You should not exceed a maximum of 8 curves and the above are goals during test performance

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Exercise 15  Exercise 16  Exercise 17 Exercise 18

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Note: Red curves are unacceptable, purple curves have unacceptable end of test (EOT), and blue curves are acceptable.  Repeatability is not shown or calculated for unacceptable curves.